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after 2 month of Zoom I decided to take a break. Therefore I am subbing but not teaching regular weekly drop in online or terrace classes. For this please go to YOGA AT LOBE BLOCK. They were just allowed to open the terrace for sessions with 7 11 (Update from 2nd of June, 2020!) yogis. Please register in advance on the website and try out my awesome fellow teachers there. Say hi from me 🧘🏻‍♀️

BUT I teach

Due to the Corona Restrictions One – 2m – One outdoors customized to your needs. Please get in touch via Contact for details. Looking forward to walk the yoga path with you – under blue skies on green gras! ☀️

You are a group of friends or colleagues who want to practice yoga regularly in a familiar environment? Or would like to start with Yoga and do not yet dare to enter drop in classes? I offer closed classes according to your needs. Regularly or project related. You determine the time frame and the number of hours. 1x/ week or 2x/ week, daily as you wish. Offers on request. Contact

All in german (mother tongue) or englisch☀️

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In my yoga classes I offer frame, direction and a safe space to experience one’s own body, inner worlds and energies without imposing a world view or a feeling/sensation on the participant. The yoga experience remains very personal and unique.

We practice well aligned, precise and safely guided Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra, Bandha, Mudra and Meditation. The rhythm and intensity of the class can vary  – from slow-paced to dynamic – and is dependent on the specific purposes of the practice and the experience of the practitioners. It always provides an expressive dimension to awareness, a space to feel and be, perfect as you are.

Sequences change weekly, always preceded by a warm-up, where the foundation for awareness and safety is created. No music. Pure practice. English / German friendly

Foto: ©Marion Pfaus / Terrasse Yoga at Lobe Block

Hatha Yoga I Pranayoga Method®


Hatha Yoga is the mother of all other yoga styles practiced nowadays. It is the art of becoming whole, integrating our physical, psychic and spiritual energies through a vast system of postures (Asana), breath exercises (Pranayama), Energy locks (Bandha), Mudras, Chanting, Concentration, Visualization and Meditation.

Interpretations suggest that the term “hatha” does mean “force”, but “forceful” is not the practice itself: it is the results of the practice. Asana and Pranayama are integrated in the psychosomatic/energetic system of chakra, and hatha yoga has “forceful” – meaning strong – effects on the practitioner’s movement of prana (vital energy)!


A dogma free yoga teaching practice, based on universal principles. Nurturing awareness, safety, creativity and precision.  Respecting each practitioner‘s uniqueness.

In the Pranayoga Method® there are no dogmas and rigid rules because they deny the special subjectivity of each practitioner and limit individual creativity, a precious resource of any evolutionary science. The practice is instead based on a set of principles, some general and other specific, in relation to the different types of exercises.

Among these principles, the most important is listening, which allows us to structure the yogic experience in harmony with our being and feeling, always starting from the present moment, from here and now, from what we are and not from what one would like to be or what someone else tells us we should be.

Listening is the weapon of the adventurer of the spirit who abandons the security of his previous physical, emotional and thoughtful identity, to explore unknown lands with faith and courage.

The absence of any dogmatism makes the Pranayoga Method® a teaching and learning tool valid for any style of Yoga and any holistic and creative activity, a mandala of principles that, in their universality, are applicable to any aspect of life.

Find out more on our Founders Website (de, en, fr, it):

Hamsa Free School of Hatha Yoga

Picture Mat: ©Marion Brings 2019

Marion Brings

Hatha Yoga and Pranayama Teacher
Pranayoga Method ®


 A dogma free yoga teaching practice, based on universal principles. Nurturing awareness, safety, creativity and precision.  Respecting each practitioner‘s uniqueness. You are your own light!


I took my first yoga class 25 years ago. But it wasn’t until  a Hatha Flow following the Pranayoga Method® that I experienced an energetically depth and inner space that had never occurred in my practice before. A turning point. Besides my own experiences, the safety aspect and the profound Teacher Training including anatomy and broad philosophical studies, convinced me of this teaching method. Since then I constantly work on creating, sharing and holding a safe space. Through space we bond. Inside and outside. On and off the mat. As a yoga teacher, as a life long student and as a human being.

3 Year Teacher Training (700h +) Hatha Yoga / Pranayoga Method®
Hamsa Free School of Hatha Yoga Berlin / Milano by Maurizio and Amanda Morelli.

Foto: Marion Brings by Marion Pfaus / Terrasse Yoga at Lobe Block



Privat Classes Under Blue Skies☀️

16.05.20 Dear Yogis, due to the Corona Restrictions I offer BLUE SKY PRIVATE CLASSES at the moment.  One – 2m – One in a public park customized to your needs. Please get in touch via Contact for details. Looking forward to walk the yoga path with you – under blue skies on green gras ! ☀️