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Personal Training by appointment only (60 -100 min.)

Teacher in Training 2016/2017 550h
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Practising Yoga since 2010 I found my way to Hatha. A body and breath oriented practice that unites the opposites. Breathing techniques (Pranayama), dynamic and static body postures (Asana) and Meditation. A perfect combination to reduce stress and reconnect with body, mind and soul…

The PRANAYOGA METHOD by Maurizio Morelli is a very meditative practice. A tool that gives you access to your very own source of energy and serenity. Spiritual and philosophical topics will be omitted in class as well as music. Only pure practice. Experience in Yoga or any sport is not required.

Our common practice focuses on your independent ability to sense each exercise in connection with your breath. I will guide us through 60 -100 minutes Hatha Yoga by a detailed description of every posture (Asana) and the yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama).

To deepening my practise I am currently attending the 550h Teacher Training at Hamsa Free School of Hatha Yoga Berlin / Milano led by Berlin based Amanda Morelli.

Two years ago Dechen Karl Thurman taught me how to meditate or as he put it, how to concentrate. Forget everything, he said. Yoga, Teacher Training, Buddhism. Just sit down, close your eyes, breathe and………..count. Start with 300. Inhale, Exhale1. Inhale, Exhale2. Inhale, Exhale3 and so on. That’s all? I felt strong resistance and a growing bad mood.

But I tried and surprisingly only a few days later I already found myself enjoying counting. Sometimes so often in one day, that i became really high. But through this I understood my need of balance in my daily life and my urge to become more honest to myself and to other people. When I started counting, I left the idea of „not thinking“ totally behind and that was my personal door opener to meditation.

Til today I tried lots of different ways how to meditate. I find my own rituals, ways and mantras. More and more it comes natural to me. My daily mood leads my meditation.

I focus on my breath when I feel breathless, on a mantra when I am nervous or longing for something to much. On nothing when I am curious – just watching what subject pops up from the cinema of my unconscious mind. I participated in a very intense worldwide womb meditation and I meditate on basic questions I have. And I find answers. Not always the ones I thought I was wishing for, but valuable answers which can be immediately transformed into action.

I fall in and out of meditation practice and I do not waste time to judge that anymore.I learned that when I fall out of practice there is something wrong. Something or someone is taking away energy from me. And I have to figure out what it is in order to change it.

For me personally Meditation is an incredible life changing journey. From time to time with a very destructive output. A painful destruction that paves the way for a necessary renewal. The pain then becomes clarity. Rediscovering life and again – Balance!

And I find incredible growing strength. The ability to reactivate myself when I am down and exhausted. And – most important – I find something that can not die and „that something“ leaves no space for fear.

Hatha Yoga is the perfect preparation for a long meditation session….

Besides my passion for Yoga, you can book me for freelance knowledge and information management. What’s that? Get an impression here !(Only in german at the moment…)

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