Hatha Flow Intermediate (EN) I Pranayoga Method® – Yoga at Lobe Block

Hi Yogis,
my Tuesday class at Lobe Block is now in ENGLISH and 90 Minutes long Check out this new studio cooled with „geothermal energy“ . COOL PRACTICE ON A HOT DAY- TODAY🌊
Hatha Flow I Pranayoga Method® (EN) – Intermediate – Yoga at Lobe Block

Tuesdays, 19.30h -21.00h, Yoga at Lobe Block, Böttgerstr. 16, Berlin-Wedding

+ Weekly changing sequences for practitioners with a little bit of experience
+ Gentle, detailed and safely guided bodywork (Asana)
+ Yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama)
+ Synchronize breath and movement in your flow
+ Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and Deep relaxation

+ Focus on awareness, alignment, movement and breathing
+ We give great importance to anatomically precise, secure and detailed
instructions, that allows you to dive deep in your movement without thinking
about it.
+ Each sequence is preceded by a warm-up, where the foundation for awareness and
safety is created
+ No music. Dogma free. Pure practice.
+ The whole range of Hatha Yoga is offered.

I offer framework and direction, clues and keywords to experience one’s own body, energies and inner worlds without imposing a world view or an experience / feeling / sensation on the participant.

The yoga experience remains very personal, respecting the uniqueness of each practionier.

Class will be held in english, german friendly.

Drop in 15 minutes before class or reserve your spot: yoga@marionbrings.de

Studio is opening 20 Minuten before class.
Right Elevator. Ring the bell at YOGA at Lobe Block.
Patience – the elevator will pick you up. We start in time.

Only 4 Minutes with U8 starting Rosenthaler Platz to Gesundbrunnen. Short distance. 16 Minutes starting Kottbusser Tor. 25 Minutes starting Stuttgarter Platz. and then 4min. to walk to Böttgerstr. 16

The absence of any dogmatism makes the Pranayoga Method® a teaching and learning tool valid for any style of yoga and any holistic and creative activity, a mandala of principles that, in their universality, are applicable to any aspect of life.

The wide open space of awareness allows students to explore the multiple facets of the practice and important principles of our Method, for example:
+ Groundedness and stability, alignment, polarity and minimum effort in every
+ Uncovering your essential breath and integrate breath and movement with
pranayama, the yogic art of breathing.
+ Experiencing the vital elements of mental attitude, concentration and
awareness through simple meditation techniques, deep relaxation and
+ Rebalancing body and psyche through the therapeutic vibrations of Mantra,
repeated sounds that protect the mind from the uncontrolled flow of thoughts.