What students say…đź’™

Thank you so much for your Feedback 💙✨
„Hi there!

I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know how much I enjoyed the classes I took (the week before last) with Marion…

The Prana-Yoga sequence she taught was so wonderful.

I’m no stranger to Yoga, I’ve been practising for years – but in this class I found insight, awareness, grounding and connection, in ways I haven’t experienced in any other class.

Marion’s teaching was excellent, she is confident, well spoken, calm, and experienced.

The Pranayama Yoga style she taught was amazing – I’m really interested in practising more of it. I’m also working on deepening my practice to become a teacher myself and I am very interested in incorporating this kind of very intentional breath&body work.

Thanks for making … such a great studio, and thanks especially for these pranayama classes.

Best Wishes,


„Marion Brings is a devoted and creative yoga teacher, one of the best I ever had. Pranayoga Method is perfect for me since the precise performance of the asanas is the main focus! No more pain because of bad posture after yoga class.. THANKS, Marion – Kathrin Becker“


„Tolle Yogaerfahrung! Angenehme Gruppe, präzise Anleitung zu Ăśbung und Atmung. Kann ich sehr empfehlen!“ – Marion Pfaus


„FĂĽr mich die bislang beste Yoga-Lehrerin. Noch nie habe ich mich so sicher gefĂĽhlt, dass alle Bewegungen sowohl unter BerĂĽcksichtigung der anatomischen Strukturen als auch innerhalb der individuellen Grenzen durchgefĂĽhrt werden. Auch meditativ habe ich bei Marion bereits unvergessliche Erfahrungen gemacht, da sie es schafft mit ihrer angenehmen Art und Stimme eine Atmosphäre zu erzeugen, in der man sich auf sich selbst einlassen und fallen lassen kann.“ – Fee