Hatha Flow – Pranayama – Mudra (EN)I Pranayoga Method® @Yoga at Lobe Block

Yoga for expansion of our vital energy!
Asana – Pranayama – Mudra

Wednesday, 09.30 – 11.00
YOGA at Lobe Block
Böttgerstr. 16
13357 Berlin

We practice different asana, breath awareness, techniques to control the breath and the Mudras of Yoga. This class is an exploration and development of the breath as a bridge between body and mind.

Pranayama is the yogic art of breathing. Prana means vital energy or life force, ayama means to length, control, measure.  Hatha Yoga teaches a great number of different Pranayama, able to support the many aspects of the dance of life.

„When the breath is irregular the mind is unstable, but when it is pacified the mind also reaches the power of calm. Life continues until the breath flows, when it stops death comes. Hence the breath must be measured (Hathapradipika II, 2-3)

Mudra means gesture but also seal. In a general sense the Mudras improve body-mind-breath integration, intensify the perception of the inner space and therefore the awareness of oneself.

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The focus varies from class to class.


+ Pranayama should not be practiced after meals. If you need to eat before   keep it light, just an apple e.g. at least an hour before the session
+ Bladder And bowl should be empty
+ Keep your nostrils clean.
+ No strain during practice, no rush. Practice with respect and serenity. No forcing of the breath, the body or the mind.

Hatha Yoga following the Pranayoga Method® is a dogma free yoga teaching practice, based on universal principles. Nurturing awareness, safety, creativity and precision. Focus on alignment, movement and breathing. Respecting each practitioner‘s uniqueness. Pure Practice

Teaching is in english, german friendly.

+ Drop in 15 minutes before class
+ or reserve your spot (binding): yoga@marionbrings.de

+ Studio is opening 20 Minuten before class.
+ Right Elevator. Ring the bell at YOGA at Lobe Block.
+ Patience – the elevator will pick you up. We start in time.

+ 4 Minutes with U8 starting Rosenthaler Platz to
Gesundbrunnen. Short distance.
+ 16 Minutes starting Kottbusser Tor.
+ 25 Minutes starting Stuttgarter Platz.
+ and then 4min. to walk to Böttgerstr. 16

Contact Public and Private Classes: yoga@marionbrings.de Mobile: +49 172 424 77 08 Website: www.marionbrings.de

Yoga Teacher (3 Jahre / 700h+) and Communication Consultant Pranayoga Method®. Hamsa Free School of Hatha Yoga Berlin / Milano by Amanda and Maurizio Morelli.