Marion Brings

Hatha * Hatha Flow * Vinyasa * Pranayama * Meditation 


You are your own light!


I took my first yoga class 25 years ago. But it wasn’t until  a Hatha Flow following the Pranayoga Method® that I experienced an energetically depth and inner space that had never occurred in my practice before. Subtle energies coming alive in my body and soul  through this precise,  anatomical safe and calm guidance. A remarkable turning point not only in my practice, but also my life.

Since then I constantly work on creating, sharing and holding a safe space where you can open up towards yourself and the more subtle energies that yoga offers with all its revelations through regular practice. Inside and outside. On and off the mat. As a yoga teacher, as a student and as a human being.


3 Year Teacher Training (700h +) Hatha Yoga / Pranayoga Method®
Advanced Pranayama / Pranayoga Method®
(Hamsa Free School of Hatha Yoga Berlin / Milano by Maurizio and Amanda Morelli)

Krankenkassen Zertifizierung bis April 2024 für ausgewählte Präventionskurse.


Foto: Marion Brings by Marion Pfaus / Terrasse Yoga at Lobe Block